The Right Fit... Choosing a Consultant

As a key decision-maker, you know how critical it is to choose the right consultant for your fundraising, management, or board development needs. Hiring consultants can be very expensive and costly, especially if you make the wrong choice.

Clearly, it is a difficult task to sort through the seemingly endless supply of consulting firms — each promising success and exceptional results. And although results are paramount, you want someone who is also committed to achieving more than just a single objective.

You want someone you can work with...someone who shares your values....someone who fits in as a member of your team... someone who will take time to understand the dynamics of your organization...someone you can trust... someone motivated to exceed expectations... someone committed to leaving you with practical fundraising or management skills... and ultimately, someone who will convince you that your investment was well worth the risk.

Is that impossible? We don't think so.

We believe every organization deserves that kind of partnership with the firm and the consultant it hires. And even though we are firmly committed to those objectives, we recognize that LCG may not be the right firm for every organization.

Each organization is unique, requiring a highly specialized set of skills, products, and the right people to create success. Therefore, long before we submit a proposal for your consideration, we begin by researching your organization and your needs to ensure the "right fit." We willingly incur this cost in order to guarantee your success and ours. We also understand that this first impression may be the last impression we leave with you.

The foundation of LCG is our philosophy — our well-defined mission, our vision of our role, the values we bring to our work, our operating beliefs, our methodologies, and the goals we set for ourselves and for you. These are the qualities that set us apart and guide all of our efforts — qualities that we also use to measure our success.

We invite you to evaluate our success by the measure of respect our clients hold for our team, our services, and our products. Then we encourage you to judge for yourself.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

Each member of our team is committed to understanding the dynamics of your organization, earning your trust, and exceeding your expectations.

Proven Results

The role of the outside consultant is critical. Choosing the right consultant is probably the most important decision you'll make in any effort to launch a campaign. The part they play is critical to your organization – it's an extension of your values and your mission. You're picking a partner. end quote

— Lt. Colonel Douglas Riley, The Salvation Army