From Success to Significance –

A Message from the President

Working for a publicly traded, multinational corporation taught me the skills required to successfully run a company whose ultimate goal is to produce increasing profits for the benefit of shareholders. Following that experience and a decade of working in the nonprofit healthcare field, I learned the value of leveraging profits to achieve meaningful outcomes for the benefit of society.

While success can be easily measured in terms of its impact on us as individuals, significance can only truly be measured in terms of our impact on others.

Both are important drivers in the nonprofit world. Blending them by "connecting people with possibilities" is both the art and the science of effective nonprofit management and philanthropy—and that is the founding philosophy of LCG.

LCG's model and methodology emerged from my experience as the chief executive officer for a northern California foundation that raises funds for four hospitals, ten schools, and a variety of social services.

Over the years, I retained the services of several well-known national consulting firms to assist the board and staff in advancing our goals. Few leaders then, or more importantly now, understand what distinguishes one consulting firm from another or how to guarantee real value from the investment in outside counsel.

Without exception, I experienced profit-driven models based on little more than a "cookie-cutter" approach to advising on effective management or philanthropy. When it came to substance, none provided a fully measurable scope of work, benchmarks to evaluate their own success, principles or practices with lasting value, or experienced professionals to guide the process, which led me to believe that it could be done better, much better.

That was the catalyst for launching LCG nearly 30 years ago.

Not surprisingly, it has never been my prevailing goal to be the largest or the most profitable firm. Instead, our shared goal as a team is to be the best, based on meaningful and measurable results for our clients. I invite you to test our commitment and experience the difference.

Rose Lester

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

The foundation of LCG is our philosophy—our well-defined mission, the values we bring to our work, our operating beliefs, and the goals we set for ourselves and for you.