Board Development

How well a board governs determines how effectively a nonprofit advances its mission; yet, few board members truly understand their roles and are fully engaged in their fiduciary duties of oversight, policy setting, fundraising, and advocacy. Many board members are also unaware of their legal obligations or the fact that they can be held liable in cases of negligence or misconduct.

Therefore, from the perspective of risk and opportunity, board development is critical to the health and well-being of your organization. To provide the level of board development needed to limit risk and expand institutional capacity, we cover the full range of board education and consulting services, including:

Because the needs of every organization and board are unique, we tailor our research and programs to ensure we provide exactly what you need.

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For nearly 30 years, LCG has studied the foundation of effective governance and board development. As such, our consultants are adept at helping organizations develop boards that are effective and engaged.

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If your board can't speak passionately about your needs to your potential donor base then either you have a project that's not going to fly or you have the wrong board. Either way, it has to be addressed and LCG can help you do that.end quote

— Kelly Brothers, Genovese Burford & Brothers