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The most common complaint we hear from board members is that it took them several years to understand the organization's mission and how they could make a difference. When new members join a nonprofit board, they need to receive an extensive orientation about the goals and objectives in the annual business plan and the board manual.

The board manual should include criteria for membership, the board structure, officer and committee position descriptions, operating guidelines, board performance standards, roster, schedule of meetings, bylaws and other information that will enable new members to master the learning curve and effectively engage right away.

The nature of the information included means that every board manual must be customized based on the related regulatory requirements and be easy to update. However, the manual must provide board members with a convenient reference tool that enables them to quickly find the information they need to meet the obligations of their public.

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Developing an effective board manual takes expertise—the kind that comes from experience. At LCG, we've created board manuals for organizations that range from museums to social service providers, health care systems to universities, and many others. We've found that our ability to create functional manuals that can be easily updated removes a time-consuming administrative burden and provides board members with a vital document that leverages their gift of time and expertise.