Board Recruitment and Orientation

As you consider the composition of your board, there are two very different guidance principles to keep in mind:

  • Board performance is the single most important factor influencing a nonprofit's ability to advance its mission.
  • Recent regulations have raised the standards for organizational accountability, resulting in heightened expectations of board oversight.

Compliance Versus Effectiveness

While providing oversight meets the minimum legal requirements, an effective board does much more. Strong board members take ownership of the organization, provide strategic support and expertise, advocate for the organization in the community, and serve as the key fundraising body for the nonprofit. When considering people to invite onto the board, keep in mind your strategic direction and if a prospective board member has:

  • The skills necessary to move the organization closer to its goals
  • A passionate belief in the mission that will motivate commitment and action
  • The willingness to actively engage in fund development, including making a personal, sacrificial gift and participating in the solicitation of others to support your mission

Building a Strong Board

With effective board members, passion fuels the fire of involvement, while skill ensures that passion bears fruit. Education and accountability are the final components in building a strong board. We begin that training by orienting new board members to the organization, its mission, and strategic plan, as well as familiarizing them with the responsibilities and expectations that come with their nonprofit board position. So important is orientation to board performance that we recommend it as a requirement before a new member even joins a board. Orientation begins the process of ongoing board education that includes regular updates and trainings to continue to inform and engage your board for long-term success.

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Our Expertise

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Our consultants work with boards of varying sizes and capacity, as well as vast differences in experience and board tenure. This gives us notable proficiency in helping nonprofits build boards that will advance their organization's mission and goals.

Proven Results

If your board can't speak passionately about your needs to your potential donor base then either you have a project that's not going to fly or you have the wrong board. Either way, it has to be addressed and LCG can help you do that.end quote

— Kelly Brothers, Genovese Burford & Brothers