Fund Development

Advancing your mission in a dynamic and changing environment takes exceptional core competencies and a shared commitment to meeting the needs of your constituents and community. No matter how vital a mission may be, it takes ever-increasing resources to effectively accomplish your goals. Our broad range of fund development services help organizations not only maximize their financial results, but also hone their fundraising skills and programs for both short and long term effectiveness.

With nearly 30 years experience, we bring both proven strategies and innovative techniques to every project. We never employ a "cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all" approach. Instead, we build off a foundation of evidence-based practices based on the highest standards of effective philanthropy to create custom campaigns, programs, strategies, and systems. Our products and services are designed to be sustainable long after our partnership with you has ended.

Our fund development services include:

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

Each member of our team is committed to understanding the dynamics of your organization, earning your trust, and exceeding your expectations.

Proven Results

LCG could see the big picture at 40,000 feet but also design a program that was right for our institution. They didn't come to us with a canned program—they had many different tools in their resource bag and were willing to put them together to design a program that was just right for us. end quote

— Bryce Jessup, William Jessup University