Campaign Readiness

 LCG’s Readiness Assessment is a critical phase of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses within the operations of an organization.  Assessments will determine the capacity of an organization to effectively move forward to the next phase—the feasibility study and ultimately, a campaign.

Every organization has its own image, history, capacity, relationships, needs, and potential for success.  Evaluating “readiness” will enable your organization to customize strategies, ensuring the success of the feasibility studies and potential campaigns.

LCG’s Readiness Assessment will address but not be limited to the following areas of research and discovery.

  • Institutional Plans
  • Case for Support
  • Constituency
  • Market Involvement
  • Prospect Identification Plan
  • Gift History
  • Record Keeping
  • Fundraising Staff
  • Foundation Board of Directors (or local governing body)
  • Major Donors
  • Volunteer Leadership


Our Expertise

our expertise feasibility studies

Our team includes seasoned consultants who bring demonstrated management and senior leadership experience to every study.

Proven Results

LCG could see the big picture at 40,000 feet but also design a program that was right for our institution. They didn't come to us with a canned program—they had many different tools in their resource bag and were willing to put them together to design a program that was just right for us. end quote

— Bryce Jessup, William Jessup University