Feasibility Studies and Campaign Planning

Laying the foundation for a successful campaign is absolutely critical to effectively advancing your fundraising goals and ultimately, your mission. Therefore, a well-planned and executed feasibility study is your most important investment of time and resources. A comprehensive feasibility study of your key constituent groups will enable us to analyze your potential for success, design an informed campaign strategy, eliminate the potential for costly mistakes, and produce a timely, cost-effective campaign. Nothing will have a greater impact on the outcome of your campaign and your image among your constituents than a well-executed feasibility study.

Our studies take both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the opinions of your key constituents, while cultivating them and positioning your organization within the communities you serve. From developing a compelling case for support to completing numerous personal interviews and online surveys, we maximize your initial investment by providing a detailed report of findings and recommendations.

Our well-designed and executed feasibility study provides you with:

  • A clear understanding of what is important to your constituents and potential donors.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the potential for success before incurring the expense of a campaign.
  • A recommendation of an attainable goal, the campaign strategy, timeline, and budget.
  • Insight into any potential issues or trouble spots that could impact your organization or campaign.
  • The identification of potential campaign volunteers, leadership and major donors.
  • An internal assessment of campaign readiness with detailed recommendations for addressing weaknesses.

What if the findings do not support the objectives required to move forward? LCG takes seriously its mission to advance the standards and practice of effective management and philanthropy. Remaining true to that mission means we have never recommended that a board advance a campaign without sufficient and measurable evidence of donor interest, organizational readiness, and a strong case for support.

Therefore, if the study results are not strong enough to support a campaign, there is still much that can be done to lay a foundation for future success, including:

  • Embarking on a board development effort to ensure strong leadership.
  • Strengthening internal systems, staffing and controls.
  • Increasing major donor fundraising efforts.
  • Establishing or enhancing a donor stewardship program.
  • Conducting more extensive prospect research.
  • Implementing volunteer and staff training programs.
  • Developing a focused strategic plan.
  • Generating greater community awareness through public relations, communications, and marketing efforts.

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Our Expertise

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Our team includes seasoned consultants who bring demonstrated management and senior leadership experience to every study.

Our Impact

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None of the campaigns managed by LCG have ever failed to meet the recommended goal when based on the findings and strategies developed through our feasibility study research.

Proven Results

We needed someone to hold us accountable, to think in ways we hadn't thought of before. And we knew if we were going to be successful, we couldn't do it internally. It had to be with some outside counsel who could provide direction, strategy and hold our feet to the fire. end quote

— Bryce Jessup, William Jessup University