Fund Development Programs

While campaigns fill specific funding needs, the backbone of nonprofit fundraising is ongoing fund development programs that keep the lights on and services flowing. We understand that the daily challenge of raising funds is easily neglected in favor of service delivery. To overcome that common challenge, we design programs that maintain steady forward momentum by clearly delineating roles, responsibilities, measurable goals, objectives, and action plans for each of the following components of a comprehensive development program:

  • Annual Gifts
  • Major Gifts
  • Planned Gifts
  • Grants

Plans are based on internal and external assessments of current programs, an analysis against evidence-based practices, a customized design of innovative but proven strategies, and the recommendation of challenging but reasonable and measurable goals within each program.

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Our Expertise

our expertise fund development programs

Whether launching a planned giving program or seeking an analysis of your annual giving, our consultants can help you maximize your fundraising strength through a variety of tools and methods. Measurable, identifiable results are paramount and are achieved within a framework of the highest business, professional, and ethical standards.