Organizational Development

Success depends on holding a vision for the future and creating a plan that moves you ever closer to that ideal scene. At LCG, we help you lay out a vision that inspires and challenges your staff, volunteers and board members to contribute all that they can toward realizing that desired future.

Vision alone is not enough to create a future. It takes a practical plan with clearly defined activities and achievable objectives. Our commonsense approach helps you realistically examine your vision and assess your capacity for bringing your goals to fruition. Since growth requires that you expand your circle of influence, we incorporate marketing and communications planning and actions in strategic development. Where capacity is lacking, we help you look into the benefits of restructuring or developing strategic alliances that can amplify your capabilities.

Our organizational development services arm you with tools, information and action plans that enable you to achieve your goals. They include:

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

LCG consultants distinctly blend our experience in both the nonprofit and corporate environments to support organizational development and growth. This allows us to leverage our expertise in a variety of areas to help identify areas of needed improvement and organizational strength.