Retreat Facilitation

In today's dynamic environment, it is not only healthy but also critical for boards and senior management to periodically test assumptions, reorganize priorities, evaluate core competencies, and develop or enhance their strategic plans. This is often most effective when accomplished outside of a regular board meeting in a retreat environment where board members and management can focus on the strategic challenges and opportunities of the organization.

We have extensive experience in retreat planning and facilitation. Whether it is focused on strategic planning, education on critical subject areas, board self assessment and development, or strengthening communications and/or the overall effectiveness between the board and senior management, LCG can help you develop a board retreat that brings meaningful and measurable impact to your organization.

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All good consultants share a basic set of tools — techniques they apply and products they use to analyze and guide an organization. In terms of sustainable strategies, we do not employ a "cookie-cutter" approach when it comes to implementing our products or services. As a point of distinction from other firms, each LCG product, service, and strategy is customized to meet a client's unique mission, needs, goals, and constituents. We encourage you to test us on that standard by checking our references.