Strategic Planning

Where vision requires imagination, planning demands practicality. As our clients can attest, LCG specializes in common sense combined with customized strategies for reaching your goals. Our approach comes through in developing strategic plans that provide realistic roadmaps that guide you toward your vision and business plans. We create our plans through consensus building techniques designed to ensure your priorities are appropriate and that actions can be carried out. Our plans include implementation activities, along with financial requirements, timelines with milestones that keep you on track, and accountability measures to allow you to assess your progress.

Accommodating Change

We know, however, that plans must remain fluid to accommodate unexpected events and factors that are beyond your control, such as the recent economic downturn that shifted the fundraising landscape or an unanticipated departure of a key board member or staff executive. To keep your strategic plan in line with the current setting, we offer you the opportunity to touch base periodically to evaluate your progress and examine any internal or external changes that could affect your ability to stay on track. When such issues exist, we can help you make adjustments that keep plans relevant.

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Planning is an important ingredient in your success. To learn more about our planning services, contact us today.

Our Expertise

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The team at LCG views the first contract with an organization as the beginning of a long-term relationship. More than half of the clients on our client list have used LCG for multiple services—yet another example of the extent of our commitment to client satisfaction.

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Proven Results

LCG's exercises are mirrors held up to yourself – but that is a very hard thing to do by yourself. You really need somebody who is objective to help you identify what your strengths and weaknesses are and how that might be perceived by your target audience. end quote

— Frank Washington, Moon Shot Communications